Personalized and tailor-made assistance, suitable and turnkey solutions, adequate and top-notch service, know-how for individuals and professionals …

With us, it becomes easier to organize everything and your sky will never have been so blue!

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Who are We

We are a real estate and property management agency currently based in Tangier, Morocco’s gate, with access to all the country’s regions. Of course, we are at your entire disposal wherever you are, even abroad.

Azulimal means hello future in Amazigh, and Azul also means Azure in Spanish. Also, we have chosen this name because it perfectly embodies our vision for you and for us: a blue clear sky, free from any hassle.

Our approach is intended to be targeted and stands out by its unique offers, high-end services and complete solutions. In this context, we take charge of studying real estate projects by offering skills covering both individual and professional domains.

Our mission is not only to make things easier, but also to accelerate them and make them smooth as much as possible. For this we are committed to bringing you the necessary expertise so that your property is always in good hands.

Our motto is to provide you with customized and quality services with personalized support during every step to better meet your needs and requirements.

Whatever your project: acquisition, sale, rental, renovation or management of a property; land, parking, villa, apartment or factory development… We present a panoply of varied offers and we provide you a solution that best meets your expectations, and that at the earliest possible time.

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Why choose Us

Transparent & Efficient

Your Privileged Partner

To achieve together, serenely and certainly, the success of all your real estate and property management projects.

Discreet & Available

Your Personal Advisor

For an informed choice, whether you are looking to invest, resell or rent your properties.

Dedicated & Committed

Your Professional Counselor

For judicious real estate, legal and tax solutions that are adapted to your needs and requirements.

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Our Services

If you have a real estate project, our services are at your disposal and are completely accessible everywhere, whether from Morocco or from abroad.

Real Estate Agency

We assist and advise you in your research in accordance with your criteria :

  • New real estate
  • Old and renovated real estate
  • Professional and business real estate
  • Rental and seasonal real estate

Property Management

We manage your local properties on your behalf as per your requirements :

  • Short and long term rentals
  • Condominium trustees
  • Administration
  • Renovations supervision and monitoring

Concierge & Personal Assistance

We cover all the needs of everyday life for your comfort:

  • Shopping and administrative formalities
  • Care-taking and security
  • Cleaning and
  • Deliveries and moves

Organized Trips

We organize and take out small business and tourist travel groups in all of Morocco regions:

  • Meetings & Conferences
  • Business Dinners
  • Exhibitions
  • Bivouacs

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Contact us

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry, we will get back to you at the earliest possible time.

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